Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fee Management System For Schools

Easy management of student fee collection and receipting is feasible with automation. Transactions can take place in seconds anytime anywhere! Irrespective of how many students a school enrolls, inventory levels are instantly updated with each student’s admission fee, tuition fee, and other payment history being automatically logged. The school administration saves significant time, effort, besides employing few manpower with the integrated fee management software.

Parents gain a competitive advantage of paying fee anytime anywhere, avoiding hassles of standing in long queues and saving time besides not requiring to carrying cash. The fee management system is an intelligent, well-structured, and user-friendly interface that is quick, easy, and safe to use and can be operated anytime round the clock.

Features of fee management system for schools:
1.Online registration of students, storing of data, and subsequent fee collection
2.Flexibility for defining fee rules, i.e. customization according to individual schools
3.Creation of fee slips for online fee payment with separate panel for cash fee collection
4.Easy management of paid, pending, and balance fees; sending of auto alerts to parents for balance dues
5.Easy tracking and retrieving of fee collection data (otherwise deleted) with a single click
6.Generation of school and fee collection transaction reports daily / monthly / quarterly / yearly
7.Security and confidentiality of school transaction and fee collection data.

Why schools should adopt fee management system?
1.This software increases efficiency in the fee collection department. The school management can deploy less manpower to look after the billing process besides saving significant time for management and stakeholders alike. Online fee collection reduces the usage of paper, thus reducing impact on the environment
2.The fee collection staff can create any number of fee heads and other dynamic fee structures class wise. Right from defining the type of fee to be collected based on specific grades, generating receipts of bills to generating complete summary of fees collected, payable fees, balance payments, etc. the fee management system facilitates all.
3.It is a thorny task to collect admission fees, tuition fees, hostel fees, transportation fees, etc. of hundreds and thousand of students. Non-transparency in the billing system or fraud in transactions and errors cannot be negated or ignored. Schools can maintain a secured database of student and payment accounts with this software.
4.With a click of the mouse, the management can track complete payment records pertaining to a particular student in terms of fees due, pending payments, balance, concessions granted if any, installment payments, and related paraphernalia. The software enables automatic calculation of pending fees for any new payment
5.Easy to learn, use, and administer, the fee management system is a boon for school administrators and parents alike. Schools facilitate hassle-free and fast collection of payments while parents save time and efforts negating the physical exertion of standing in long queues to pay fees. Schools thus maintain a satisfying relationship with parents.

One of the most critical processes in managing a school is collection of fees and accordingly maintaining detailed and accurate records of fees collected. Fast collection and transparency in billing is essential for smooth administration. Here lies the importance of using the fee management system. The software enables automatic storing of every fee collection data along with the frequency at which it is collected.

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