Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Boost Student Learning and Engagement enroute Smart Campus

Learning is inherent in every child. Every child is born inquisitive however it's the outer conditioning by schools, teachers, parents and society… which mould this inherent interest as the child grows.

It is imperative for the schools to ensure an encouraging and engaging school environment which facilitates learning. We cannot expect extraordinary results from just ordinary facilities. Lack of interest in studies, poor class participation and absenteeism… the faults that we see in students are plenty however by creating a Smart Campus we can boost student engagement and henceforth learning, quadruple!

A Smart Campus facilitates audio visuals in the classroom, therefore facilitating experiential learning in students. Experiential learning is known for its myriad benefits like memory retention which proves valuable during exams. Classroom participation is increased when a child comprehends a lesson better. The use of Panaboards, projectors, e-learning makes Smart Classrooms a place where every child wants to learn and express himself.

Likewise, use of RFID attendance system and CCTV cameras inside the school makes students vigilant thereby reducing absenteeism, bunks and other inappropriate activities that students may indulge in.
With Smart information systems, the students-parents-school relationship is strengthened by efficient communication and record keeping by the schools for students’ performance.

At Smart Schooling India, it’s our vision to contribute to the Indian society by creating Smart Campuses where children grow with efficient schooling! To know more how you can turn transform your school in a Smart Campus visit

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pana Boards, Interactive Projectors, Touch Boards - Enabling a Conducive Learning Environment!

Whether you call it a technological advancement or the yearning of being the first one in a world as competitive as ours, there has been a drastic increase in the number of schools that have begun using technological aids for advanced teaching in classrooms and have become Smart Campus.

To encourage participation and involve students in the classroom learning process, blackboards and textbooks are now slowly being sidelined by projectors and screens that can explain almost anything through short films, power point presentations and various audio lessons. Let’s take a look at the Top 3 gadgets that enable a conducive learning environment for kids:

Pana Boards: One of the few products that have helped to create a multi person learning environment in schools is through the use of Pana boards. They have been built extensively to match the standards of typicalwhite boards and provide you digital media to engage students in the learning process. Furthermore, a recent survey based in UK and US alleged that “learning process was much simpler through the use of interactive whiteboards and the schools witnessed maximum student attendees”. A Pana board alsoincorporates features such as recording any lecture that eliminates the use of notes so that one can focus more on the discussions and the concepts taught in classrooms.

Interactive Projectors
: Schools also prefer interactive projectors that aid the learning process. It consists of a built in colored tool that highlights all the important contents of the lesson. This helps guide thestudents on which all concepts to focus the most. The interactive projectors automatically detect the point of fingers as well as pen.

Smart Touch Boards:One can also find schools using touch boards that provide excellent boardroom solutions. A simpletouch can help streamline the learning process by intuitive PC connection. Also features like touch gesture makes teaching more collaborative and engaging.

The use of these Smart Campus gadgets improve student performance and encourage more classroom participation by turning the most complex lessons to simplified ones. In a Smart Campus, students truly learn through experiencing the concepts taught in the classroom. Digital classrooms create a learning environment which correlates academics to real life situations and not just texts, henceforth encouraging students’ participation and learning in the most natural way!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fee Management System For Schools

Easy management of student fee collection and receipting is feasible with automation. Transactions can take place in seconds anytime anywhere! Irrespective of how many students a school enrolls, inventory levels are instantly updated with each student’s admission fee, tuition fee, and other payment history being automatically logged. The school administration saves significant time, effort, besides employing few manpower with the integrated fee management software.

Parents gain a competitive advantage of paying fee anytime anywhere, avoiding hassles of standing in long queues and saving time besides not requiring to carrying cash. The fee management system is an intelligent, well-structured, and user-friendly interface that is quick, easy, and safe to use and can be operated anytime round the clock.

Features of fee management system for schools:
1.Online registration of students, storing of data, and subsequent fee collection
2.Flexibility for defining fee rules, i.e. customization according to individual schools
3.Creation of fee slips for online fee payment with separate panel for cash fee collection
4.Easy management of paid, pending, and balance fees; sending of auto alerts to parents for balance dues
5.Easy tracking and retrieving of fee collection data (otherwise deleted) with a single click
6.Generation of school and fee collection transaction reports daily / monthly / quarterly / yearly
7.Security and confidentiality of school transaction and fee collection data.

Why schools should adopt fee management system?
1.This software increases efficiency in the fee collection department. The school management can deploy less manpower to look after the billing process besides saving significant time for management and stakeholders alike. Online fee collection reduces the usage of paper, thus reducing impact on the environment
2.The fee collection staff can create any number of fee heads and other dynamic fee structures class wise. Right from defining the type of fee to be collected based on specific grades, generating receipts of bills to generating complete summary of fees collected, payable fees, balance payments, etc. the fee management system facilitates all.
3.It is a thorny task to collect admission fees, tuition fees, hostel fees, transportation fees, etc. of hundreds and thousand of students. Non-transparency in the billing system or fraud in transactions and errors cannot be negated or ignored. Schools can maintain a secured database of student and payment accounts with this software.
4.With a click of the mouse, the management can track complete payment records pertaining to a particular student in terms of fees due, pending payments, balance, concessions granted if any, installment payments, and related paraphernalia. The software enables automatic calculation of pending fees for any new payment
5.Easy to learn, use, and administer, the fee management system is a boon for school administrators and parents alike. Schools facilitate hassle-free and fast collection of payments while parents save time and efforts negating the physical exertion of standing in long queues to pay fees. Schools thus maintain a satisfying relationship with parents.

One of the most critical processes in managing a school is collection of fees and accordingly maintaining detailed and accurate records of fees collected. Fast collection and transparency in billing is essential for smooth administration. Here lies the importance of using the fee management system. The software enables automatic storing of every fee collection data along with the frequency at which it is collected.

For More details about fee management system or any related query please visit:

Monday, 17 February 2014

What has changed after implementation of CCE by CBSE?

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system was introduced by CBSE in the year 2009.
Lets take a look at Top 10 changes in the post CCE world of education.
  1. Grading system implemented instead of marks 

  2. Teaching-learning made more interesting through various activities in the class 

  3. Grouping of students in class encouraged shaping, creating, and sharing of ideas and concepts

  4. Encouraged self-learning and self-evaluation amongst students wherein teachers acted as mentors and monitors

  5. Students given opportunity to exhibit models, drawing, chart, presentations, etc., thus displaying what they have learnt

  6. Learning pursued through observation, cognition, experience, and cooperation

  7. Effective tracking of a student’s performance

  8. School administrators effectively monitored progress of their schools, made development plans, took strategic decisions, and set progress-based targets

  9. Significant gaps in understanding the concept of formative assessment and its effective implementation witnessed

  10. Demand by schools on intensive CCE training for different stakeholders.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Smart Schooling – The way forward!

A school where experiential learning is the way subjects are taught to students using audio visuals, a school where children are safe while traveling to and fro their school with gps school bus tracking, a school where the parents get the convenience of online admissions and online fee payment, a school where parents get their ward's information real time with smart student information systems, a school which saves big on staff cost and ensures 0% errors in reports, attendance, time tables, teacher schedules... a school which truly can be called a Smart school is powered by Smart Schooling group where efficient schooling is the only way forward to effective schooling.

At Smart Schooling it’s our endeavor to make the schools aware of the hi-technology available these days… be it Fee management for schools or using RFID attendance tracking, be it using smart time tables or GPS enabled school bus tracking systems. The options are plenty and schools in Delhi NCR are coming forward to adopt these smart technologies for effective and efficient schooling. The benefits and services of smart schooling cater to various needs of students, parents and schools besides enabling a safe and encouraging learning environment conducive to the growth and well being of the young generation of India!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

12 Top Features of Online Student information System Software

‘Digital’ – this is the buzz that has been influencing our everyday lives. Digital technology blended with automation has revolutionized every segment of the industry; the education sector is no exception. Can you visualize a school running smoothly without using the online student information system software? With hundreds of students enrolled, it is not feasible for a school to manually handle student data right from registration, admission, fees, attendance, examination reports, security, not to mention school accounts, time table, and the list goes on. 

The online student information system software is a web-based application. Besides enabling a conducive and structured information exchange environment, integrating all stakeholders, it comes with the following features:

•Enables registration and admission of students to the school
•Availability of information from a single source
•Centralized sourcing and management of information
•Centralized accounting and billing procedures; online fee collection
•Monitoring student-related activities; complete follow-up on all the discipline records of the students
•Keeps records of tests or examinations; generates reports
•Handles attendance, time-table, and all other school activities
•Easy-to-use streamlined process; compiling of all the data at a single source
•Easy scheduling of examinations and other school events including extra curricular activities
•Handles administrative functions
•Integrating parents, teachers and administrators at a single platform
•Ensures data integrity, privacy, and security in an open-access environment.   

A solid internal infrastructure enabling smart management and sharing of student information with a click of the mouse and in real time is facilitated with the online student information system software. Seamless connection among the school management, teachers, students, and parents becomes easy with this software. Yes, administrative tasks are made seamless and well-organized so that both teachers and staff can save time and focus more on the holistic development of the students.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Top 12 Benefits of School Fee Collection Software

What is a major concern in a school is timely collection of fee. Yes, fee collection is the major source of income besides maintenance of school, payment of staff, and related paraphernalia. Collecting and maintaining the payment data qualitatively is not always feasible manually as the accounts staff may oversee information at times. Lack of transparency cannot be ignored. This is where use of the school fee collection software is important, facilitating fast, easy, hassle-free, accurate, and transparent collection of fees.

Have you automated your fee collection department? If not, it is high time you facilitate parents with online school payments. Receive fees online in seconds anytime, maintaining complete security and accuracy of the collection and other accounts data.

Benefits from school fee collection software for schools
·Speedy and effortless collection of fees online 
·Maintenance of a secure database of fee collection and other school accounts
·Collection of all types of fees (admission, tuition, boarding if any, transport, etc.) from a single window
·Online tracking of fees and other school accounts with a click of the mouse·Prevention of fraud, inconsistency, and errors in transactions
·Involvement of few accounts manpower by schools
·Round the clock operation of software; online school payments can happen any time
·Options for parents to pay fee in installments
·Options for fee concessions, balance payments, late fee / fine, etc.
·Generation of fee collection reports on a daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / yearly basis
·Send automated reminders to parents for any issues related to fees
·Stay in competition and stay ahead with technology.

Parents gain a competitive edge on various aspects; they no longer need to stand in queues to pay fees and they can pay any time anywhere right from the comfort of their space. Online school payments system is here to stay. Get the school fee collection software configured to your regulations and policies.