Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Benefits of Using the School Bus Tracking System

It is not atypical to find parents rushing to particular points or bus stops in the morning with their kids and again waiting in the afternoon looking for their children's school bus in eagerness. With crime statistics rising and security at stake, parents today are worried about the safety and security of their kids. They prefer sending their wards to schools that employ security technology in the premise GPS tracker for kids in school buses.

Harnessing the power of mapping technology has seen a new facet with school bus tracking. While in routing mode, the GPS tracker for kids in school buses enables the school management to view vehicle location, path-points and keep track of where the vehicles are supposed to be. The system displays real time data and planned route map where the vehicles are supposed to move.

•Plan, analyze and adjust driving routes and stop times
•Monitor and keep tab of kids and the bus while on the move
•Get alerts when the bus deviates from the designated route
•Monitor idle times and thus reduce carbon footprint
•Keep tab of over-speeding by the driver
•Reduce operational costs and enhance overall fuel efficiency
•Get alerts in times of emergencies and high traffic
•Adjust driving paths during emergencies and high traffic and alert parents accordingly
•Send automated alerts to parents as and when their kids enter and exit the bus.

Yes, accurate mapping / tracking of bus routes, keeping tab of kids who enter and exit the bus and accordingly sending alerts to parents, verifying schedules, tracking driver habits, viewing the moving bus in real time, and more happens with the GPS school bus tracking system. Turn your school into a smart knowledge platform and ensure security and safety of your students utilizing the GPS tracker for kids in your school buses / cabs.

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