Thursday, 31 October 2013

Top 5 Benefits of RFID Tracking System for Parents

Yes, here is a technology that can not only help school administrators but also parents in tracking the whereabouts of children on campus and while on the move in school buses. It is the RFID tracking system. Given the increase rate of crimes, parents are increasingly getting bothered about the safety and security of their children outside home. And in this regard, there is no better solution than the RFID tracking system.

 Given below are top 5 benefits of RFID tracking system for parents:
·Have access to enjoy live view of school bus on map, i.e. the designated route, and monitor their children on the move. The access is protected via username and password, which parents use every time they want to access  
· Get regular SMS notifications and alerts related to time / location of pick and drop including alerts on whether their children have reached and left the school  
·Get notifications about the presence of their children in the school campus. The children’s ‘in and out of the campus’ status is notified via SMS 
· Monitor attendance of their children in the classes online· Can remotely access attendance of their children anytime anywhere and thus keep tab on their whereabouts

There are more features to explore besides the above top 5 benefits of RFID tracking system for parents. Stay ahead with technology exploiting the smart tracking system.

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